General Questions


Who has access to GrantEd?The President, Vice-President, and Financial Officer (FO) of a Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) have access to GrantEd. The FO has the responsibility to budget and manage the VSO’s finances. The President and Vice-President have the responsibility of providing secondary authorization on requests exceeding $1000 and for FO self-reimbursements. These roles all have the ability to view a VSO’s finances but the FO is the only one able to apply and modify funding requests, and submit banking requests.



Why won’t my organization show up when I log into GrantEd?To receive GrantEd access you must be added by the old organization’s leadership (new, Fall 2020). To access the leadership transferral, the former leadership should log on to GrantEd and click on the VSO Officer tab at the top of the home page. They will then create an Officer Change request and select the role that is changing as well as the SUNet ID of the new leader. This change must be approved by one other person in the leadership role before it is finalized.



I’m part of a new organization. What should I do to get started?Once you have finished all required approval processes with the Office of Student Engagement, please contact Susan Benton at with your name, email, and VSO name to set up an ASSU number. You will not have a GrantEd account until this is done. Please have all officers also do the STARS trainings and then email [TODO add link] when completed, as their access will be locked until they have done so.



Why is GrantEd giving me an error message saying that I need to complete trainings before submitting or approving a request?If you have not yet completed the required STARS training, please do so and email with evidence of your completion in order to lift your training holds. If you have completed the trainings and been confirmed via email, log out of GrantEd and restart your browser to allow the system to update your permissions. If none of the above works, email for help.



I am getting a distribution error when I try to submit my request; how do I fix it?In GrantEd, you need to set a distribution for each payment line. When you click on the request, you’ll notice that one payment line is white, while the others are tan. The line that is white is highlighted, and the distribution section on the right reflects the distribution for this highlighted line. If you click on any other line in the payment section, you’ll notice that the distribution section should change, showing that the distribution section shown corresponds to the currently selected, white payment line. Please ensure that for each line in the payment section, its distribution section should sum to the total for only that line. If you would like a more visual guide, please refer to the SSE GrantEd training 2A, available through STARS on Axess.



How do I check the status of a request?Remember that for us to process a request, its ‘Request Status’ must be ‘Submitted’, NOT ‘Saved’. Saved transactions are not eligible for processing. You can check the status of a request by clicking on the request and looking at the timeline progress tracker at the top of the page below the request number.



I just submitted a request to the GrantEd system. When will the check be ready?Checks will usually be printed 5-7 business days from when they are completely submitted, with all necessary and correct documentation and authorization.



Why hasn’t my request been processed yet?Typically, you can expect extended processing times at the end of each quarter. Additionally, requests are not processed when the university is closed. Missing tax information for Service Payments and Invoice Payments will also delay processing, so ensure that your payees fill out their tax information request forms where applicable. We process your requests in the order they are submitted, so as long as your request has been submitted to CapGroup, we will get to it as soon as we can! If your request gets returned, you should receive an email at your Stanford email address. However, sometimes these emails get automatically sent to spam. Student leadership is responsible for checking request statuses in GrantEd to determine whether or not requests have been returned.



Where can I check comments on my request?You can view comments to fix returned (rejected) requests in the History tab of your request. Comments are also visible below the payment and distribution section of each request– you may need to click the left/right arrows to see all the comments.



How do I enable Direct Deposit?First, your payee must have Direct Deposit enabled in Axess. Have them log into GrantEd under the Stanford Affiliate role and select their SUNet ID on the top right of the screen. From the drop down menu, select “Opt-In for Reimbursement”. Once they agree to the conditions in the subsequent pop-up window, Direct Deposit will be enabled. Note that Direct Deposit is only available to Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postdoctoral students.



I don’t have an itemized receipt for my transaction. How do I file a Lost Receipt request?Lost Receipts are processed under Reimbursement requests. Choose either Student or Non-Student Reimbursement transaction from the ‘New Payment Request’ under the ‘Payments’ bar. When you arrive at the ‘Documentation’ phase, the ‘Document Type’ pulldown menu, which has an option for ‘Lost Receipt’. Choose this and then include information about the lost receipt (including details such as purchase date, the exact amount spent, items purchased, etc. if possible). Remember that reimbursements for lost receipts cannot exceed $75 and each organization is allowed only 2 lost receipts per fiscal year. The same organization member cannot be issued both of the lost receipt reimbursements (i.e. you cannot reimburse John Smith twice in the same school year via lost receipt). In addition, lost receipts must come out of your 2800 Unrestricted – General account.



Who can pick up a check for my organization?Besides the payee, the Financial Officer, Vice-President, or President of the respective VSO are permitted to pick up a check. If special circumstances require that someone else pick up a check, the Financial Officer must indicate this in the ‘Description’ section of the request.



How do I reimburse a purchase made in a foreign currency?

If paid in cash: In order to reimburse someone for an item purchased in a foreign currency, the Financial Officer must include the relevant currency and its historically accurate exchange rate (i.e. we reimburse foreign currency based on the exchange rate on the day which the purchase was made, not when the reimbursement was filed). in the ‘Description’ section of the request. Amounts for each piece of documentation and the total reimbursement must be listed in USD($). A resource for historical exchange rates can be found here.

If paid with a credit card: you should provide the receipt as well as a screenshot or PDF of the payee’s credit card statement showing the charge. Information like the date of the charge, the name of the vendor, and the amount in USD (and the amount in the foreign currency, if available) must be clearly visible in order to be accepted.



How can my organization receive a charitable donation?All donations that would not be considered to be ‘religious offerings’ must be processed through the Office of Development. Financial Officers should contact 650-724-0627 in order to receive a charitable donation appropriately. The Office of Development is located in the Arrillaga Alumni Center at the corner of Campus Drive and Galvez Street.



How do I make a deposit to my group’s account?Make a deposit request on GrantEd for your organization (any FO or Stanford Affiliate can create the request). Please bring the check(s) or cash to the ASSU/SSE offices during business hours. We cannot process credit card transactions or give change.

For checks:

    1. The check should be made out to the organization and should include “Stanford” in the payee line in order to be accepted. For example, the bank will not accept a check that reads “SVGA” but will accept a check that reads “Stanford Video Game Association.” If your organization does not contain “Stanford” in the group name, please have the check made out to “[Group name] – Stanford”. We cannot accept any checks that are not formatted in this way.
    2. On the back, where the check has a space for endorsement, please write your four digit ASSU group number.

Deposits take 1-2 business days to post to the account, and will be placed in your 2800 unless for repaying advance payment check balances.



Members of my organization need to be reimbursed for gas money. They don’t have receipts because no gas was purchased on the trip, but they lost the value of the gas in their tanks. How do I reimburse them?Gas reimbursements that do not include receipts require the following:
    1. A trip itinerary (from Google Maps, Mapquest, etc) that includes the total mileage traveled,
    2. A calculation of: miles driven multiplied by the IRS automobile travel rate of 56 cents per mile for trips taken in 2021 (or 57.5 cents per mile for 2020) in both ‘Description’ sections, and
    3. The date(s) of travel.

As with all reimbursements, you should explain the purpose of the expense, indicating how it relates to your group’s activities/mission.



I have another question that is not on this list.You can email any other GrantEd related questions to