ASSU ePay Reference Materials

ASSU ePay is a new way for Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs) at Stanford to receive payments and deposits from anyone, including non-Stanford affiliates. We launched this service to streamline the deposit process for our VSOs after years of feedback and requests to integrate an online payment service similar to other commercial e-payment services. Whether you’re a Stanford affiliate or not, this manual will walk you through how to use ePay, and you can find many of the answers to your questions on how to make payments to a student org here.

We have created two guides for all individuals hoping to learn how to use the ASSU’s ePay service to make payments:

Click here to view our Payers User Guide (for all platform users)
Click here to view our Officers User Guide (for Presidents and FOs, must sign in with your Stanford email)

If you are an officer for a student organization, we advise you to read both manuals above as most of the materials in the Officers User Guide make reference to the Payers User Guide.

Please note that ASSU ePay is separate from Stanford’s ePay on Axess (which students might have used to pay their University bills). Additionally, any contact information or persons listed is only applicable for the 2021-2022 academic year and is subject to change.

To Access ASSU ePay, click here:


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