About Us

Elected annually from the student body, the President and Vice President lead the Executive Branch of the ASSU. They select a Chief of Staff and Executive Cabinet in order to coordinate the activities of the association and carry out student initiatives.

Our Mission

The Executive Branch of the ASSU is tasked with leading initiatives that advocate for the well-being and collective empowerment of the Stanford student body. We aim to strengthen students’ relationships with other students, campus workers, administrative staff, faculty, alumni and our neighboring community.

Our Initiatives

Our team is dedicated to the values of transparency and accountability and we are committed to proactively sharing as much of our work as possible. As such, the Executive team maintains a publicly accessible google drive where members of our community can garner detailed insights into the work that we do. Our drive contains information about reports, proposals, surveys, and other data related to the initiatives we’ve undertaken. It also contains a directory of the newsletters sent to the Stanford student body. You may access the Executive Team’s public drive by using this link. You may access archives of previous newsletters sent to the student body by using this link. In addition to our google drive, the ASSU maintains a publicly accessible calendar where you may find all meetings that are open to the student body. You may access the calendar here.

Our Team

This year, the Executive Core Team is comprised of Darryl Thompson, Executive President, Christian Sanchez, Executive Vice President, Michaela Phan, Executive Chief of Staff of Internal Operations, and Lisa Lu, Chief of Staff of External Relations. Along with the Executive Core Team, the Executive Cabinet members focus on projects that improve student life on and off campus while also benefiting the broader Stanford community.

Darryl Thompson

ASSU President

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Christian Sanchez 

ASSU Vice President

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Michaela Phan

Chief of Staff of Internal Operations

Lisa Lu

Chief of Staff of External Relations

Previous Executives