Graduate VSO Grants

About Us

GSC offers grant funding to graduate VSOs in order to:

  • Provide a broader educational and cultural experience for graduate students 
  • Enhance interdepartmental social interaction among students
  • Strengthen the campus-wide sense of community among graduate students
  • Make the graduate school experience more valuable and enjoyable for all graduate students

If you have any questions about the funding process, please email the GSC Funding Committee at

How to Apply for a Programming Grant

  1. Review the GSC Funding Guidelines
  2. Submit a funding application on GrantEd
    • Remember to choose ‘Graduate Student Council’ as your source of funding.
  3. Put your event on the GSC Google Calendar
  4. Attend GSC funding office hours at least two weeks in advance of your event
  5. Attend the GSC meeting on the immediately following Wednesday night
    • For the time being this step is optional (but still recommended!)
    • We are currently meeting on zoom, check the home page for the details.
    • Each VSO request will be reviewed, questioned, and voted on.

GSC Funding Calendar


Your group must:

  1. Be a Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) registered with the Office of Student Engagement (previously SAL).
  2. Run events that are open to all graduate students, and anticipate at least 30% graduate versus undergraduate participation.
  3. NOT already receive any funds from GSC annual grants (or special fees).
  4. Complete all required training by OSE, including the banking workshops for Financial Officers (FOs).
  5. Comply with all relevant University policies.