Executive Branch

Elected annually from the student body, the President and Vice President lead the Executive Branch of the ASSU. They select a Chief of Staff and Executive Cabinet in order to coordinate the activities of the association and carry out student initiatives.

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Undergraduate Senate

The Undergraduate Senate is the designated representative for Stanford undergraduates. Comprised of 15 undergraduate students from all majors and classes, the Senate is responsible for a myriad of projects within the ASSU system.

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Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) serves Stanford’s graduate student population by representing student interests in University affairs, supporting graduate student organization, and providing community events for graduate students.

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Class Presidents

Each class slate works closely with a University assigned advisor. Class Presidents are expected to meet with their assigned advisors on a regular basis. Sophomores and juniors work with Office of Student Engagement staff and the seniors work with the Stanford Alumni Association.

Nominations Commission

The Nominations Commission is responsible for nominating students as voting members to university committees, including the Board of Trustee committees, academic policy committees, and more.

Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council adjudicates cases where the constitutionality under the ASSU Constitution of an act by an Association legislative body, the President of the Association, the Nominations Commission, the Elections Commission, or any member(s) of the Association is called into question, including student groups.