The ASS represents the student body at Stanford. We’re independent from the university, so we only answer to students. Join us and help shape policies on COVID, diversity, housing, affordability, academics, campus safety, and student groups.

Stanford Student Enterprises ->

Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE) manages the financial assets and business enterprises of the ASSU. SSE operates a banking service for all student groups, creates and prints the Stanford Unofficial Guide, sells Stanford apparel, oversees a startup accelerator, and provides other valuable products and services on campus.

University Committees

Serving on a university committee allows you to directly impact the Stanford community in unique ways. Committee members have opportunities to present their perspectives on student life and academic policies.

Senate Association Program

The Senate Associate Program is a prime opportunity to be involved in student government on campus. Via the program you get to engage with the legislative branch of the ASSU, the Undergraduate Senate (UGS).