Executive Branch

The Executive Branch strives to improve of student life and welfare through self-initiated programming and support of individual student endeavors.

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Undergraduate Senate

The Legislative Branch facilitates the operation of student groups and manages the funding process for almost any event on campus

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Graduate Student Council

Stanford Student Enterprises ensures the long-term financial viability and independence of the ASSU and facilitates numerous student jobs and organizational reimbursement

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Student Government Public Meetings

Executive Branch

Thursdays at 6 PM PT at EVGR B170 and Zoom

Zoom link

Password: 706762

GSC Funding Committee Meetings

Mondays at TBD

Undergraduate Senate (UGS) Meetings

The Executive Branch Thursdays at 8 PM PT on Zoom, Weeks 1 through 9 of Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters

Zoom link

Password: 123456

UGS Appropriations Committee Meetings

Sundays at TBD, Weeks 1 through 9 of Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters


The Associated Students of Stanford University was created in 1891 and is the only organization at Stanford of which every student is a member. The ASSU provides funding to over five hundred volunteer student organizations (VSO). These organizations in turn provide the majority of cultural, political, recreational and religious programming for the entire campus. The financial independence that the ASSU affords student organizations is one of the founding principles of the organization.

The ASSU also works to represent the interests, needs and perspectives of Stanford students at every level of decision making within the university. The ASSU advocates on behalf of Stanford students on issues such as cost of living, diversity, student life and student activities space.

Each year the ASSU pursues innovative projects and creates new services that will improve the quality of student life offered at Stanford.

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